Centenial Hills , NV Sweepers

In Centenial, We at HR Sweeping have been providing parking and garage sweeping service in the Centenial area for over 50 years. We were sweeping parking lots in Centenial when most of the casinos were just a thought. HR Sweeping and it's team of professional sweepers provide commercial and industrial parking lot maintenance for property management companies in Centenial. We also work for the state of Nevada through state and federal contracts. Our roster of former clients and current clients include some of the biggest companies in Centenial including but not limited to Wal Mart, Kmart, and Casinos, Parking garages the list goes on and on!

We keep the customer in mind in Centenial. Each parking lot is hand checked every morning by H&R Sweeping’s management team. Centenial is the city that doesn’t sleep so after our employees do the work we go check the lots to make sure that they are spotless before your store or location opens.

If you are in need of having your parking lots cleaned in the Centenial area, it should be done properly, and by a professional sweeper. Our trained staff of sweepers come to your place of business in Centenial to assure you that your parking lot is 100% spotless before you open your doors.

With the best sweeper trucks in the industry and the most competitive rates HR Sweeping is rated the company of choice in Centenial for sweeping parking lots and garages.

Our motto at H&R Sweeping is to satisfy our clients needs in Centenial. We pride ourselves on excellent parking lot maintenance to keep your parking lot in Centenial cleaner and a safer place to live.

If you are not happy with the way your parking lot sweeper in Centenial is cleaning your property, fill out our online form for an instant quote by clicking HERE!

Serving Centenial, NV with of 50 Years of Sweeping Service. Call our Centenial Sweepers today for more information about our Centenial parking lot sweeper services.